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Descriptive Information on the Sour Diesel Genotype

Sour Diesel Strain took the spotlight in the cannabis world during the early 90s, he is still popular today. Itsativa-burning effect and famous diesel aroma made this strain a popular crowd pleaser. Before you proceed any further, remember that this strain of cannabis is not intended for the faint of heart. It’s primarily composed of THC, and its percentage is typically higher than 18%.

Actually, this is one of the main reasons why it’s popular among those with mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder and depression. Despite its lack of 100% certainty in regards to its origin, Sour Diesel is thought to be a hybrid between Super Skunk and Chemdawg, the latter of which is particularly heavy. As such, Sour D is capable of producing significant effects that are almost immediate on the most experienced smoker. It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular strain of popular rapper Wiz Khalifa!

Sour Diesel Strain Aroma

Sour Diesel has a powerful aroma that can be sentidoled even miles away. In reality, this is attributed to its unique, intense scent, which has led to Sour D’s popularity. Maintaining its original name, it possesses a similar scent to gasoline, and has a bright, citrus-like aroma.

Sour Diesel Strain Flavor

The scent of Sour Diesel is somewhat reminiscent of its taste. As you inhaled a puff of your Sour D doobie, you will immediately be welcomed with an earthy taste that contains a bit of citrus. Ultimately, you will be overpowered by its potent and peculiar nature.

Sour Diesel Strain Appearance

Sour Diesel has a traditional marijuana appearance, it’s typically loose. It has greenish-purplish pistils, frosty leaves, and small crystals that are covered in the leaves, these small crystals have a high degree of potency.

Sour Diesel’s effects on the stratosphere

If you want a strain that is both Wake and Bake, then Sour Diesel is a great choice! Many users consider Sour Diesel to be more energizing than your first cup of coffee in the morning. Those who want a high that will energize them unlike any other should consider this highly effective strain. The effects of this potent cannabis will become apparent after a few hits, depending on the quality of your pot and your specific tolerance to THC, this will be noted.

Mind you; this is not the stress that will keep you confined to the bed in a body-s melting state of relaxation. Instead, it will increase your mental energy, and you may even enjoy laughing at things. Other than recreational purposes, Sour Diesel is also considered to have a help with specific mental issues, its effect on a person’s mind and emotions is powerful. Often referred to as a refreshing marijuana strain. However, you can also utilize this monster to assist with fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety. Just make sure you don’t overdo it too much!

THC Density

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Ultimately, prepare to travel on a roller coaster that has a load of energy,lift, and motivation every time you inhaled the Buy Sour Diesel strain of marijuana. Whether you want a burst of energy in the morning or a supplement for the afternoon, purchasing this potent strain will not let you down!

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