Oreo Peanut Butter Stoneo (500mg) $30.00

DescriptionOur trusted online dispensary is your one stop shop for tasty THC edibles. Are you craving cookies that will get you high? Our Oreo Stoneo THC Cookie will get you there!So, you love Oreo Cookies, but you also like to sink into your sofa and enjoy the feeling of floating through the day. Our cookies are the perfect combo.Also, these great Stoneo Cookies are discreet and perfect for self-medicating on the go.Grab a glass of cold milk and get ready to dunk n munch to pure bliss with Oreo Stoneo THC Cookie2 cookies 250mg each for a total of 500mg per package.What Are The Other Benefits Of Ingesting THCNot as harsh on the lungs – When you inhale marijuana smoke, you are inadvertently inhaling other toxins that can cause damage to the lungs. People with weak lungs or medical conditions that affect their lungs can experience the benefits of marijuana without having to inhale it by consuming edibles.More of a “body high” – The effects experienced after consuming marijuana-infused products cause more sedative and relaxing feelings. The body is so relaxed that pain and discomfort is alleviated.Oreo Stoneo THC CookieEffects last longer – Though edibles take longer to produce a reaction, the effects also last longer – usually 3 to 7 hours. The effect is also more intense, eliminating the need to consume another dose.Please start small and go slow with edibles. Wait an hour to an hour and a half before increasing dosage. Individual tolerance will vary.What are you waiting for? Get yourself an cookie today!

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