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OG Kush Information about Strain

OG Kush is the most original of all time, in a literal sense. This plant of cannabis is the foundation of the entire OG family and has produced some of the most celebrated strains ofweed in history. It is highly commended and has gained popularity because of its frequent appearance in movies and other media!

Because this strain is so old, it’s genetic makeup is unclear, but some people believe it may have been derived from a temprana version of Chemdawg or the Hindu Kush. Today, the majority of people believe that the word “OG” is derived from the Original Gangster, however, some people refer to it as “Ocean Grown Kush”, this is most likely because it originally grew in association with the ocean, near the California Bay. If a condition has the title of strain, then many people would consider it to be worthy of attention. In this instance, this is the most unique of OG varieties!

OG Kush Aroma

OG Kush is notable for possessing a lot of earthiness derived from it, and also being a significant representation of many Kush varieties. It has a unique aroma and possesses a complex combination of burning sensation, spices, and skunk. Since this strain is frequently employed to hybridize, every single strain that originates from OG Kush has this same earthy, spicy scent, a kind of heavy, damp, and dark scent that is immediately recognized.

OG Kush Flavor

Many of these same scents contribute to the complexity of the flavor of OG Kush. You will get the earthy, oaky flavor early on. However, you will also acquire a bit of heat and a bit of pepper in the composition. The smoke has a taste that is dissimilar to the majority of the Kush strains, it is similar to the smoke that would be expected from a barbecue. At the conclusion of the day, all of the earthy flavors are mixed with a small amount of citrus that enhances the entire experience without overpowering.

OG Kush Appearance

OG Kush nugs are peculiar and have a unique, dense structure that is similar to Indica, this is not unexpected considering that this is a hybrid that is primarily composed of sativa. The buds are typically larger than medium sized nuggets that appear to be heavy and chunky. The leaves are a hybrid of green and yellow that lacks any real coloration in the trichomes. This bud is breathtaking, it’s certainly photogenic.

OG Kush’s effects on the stripe

OG Kush has a powerful mental impact and increases the energy of people quickly. You will recognize your surroundings more clearly as your senses are enhanced. This is also very soothing and uplifting, it helps to reduce stress, worry, and anxiety. This hybrid produces a sensation that is similar to a pure sativa with a pleasant euphoric head-rush that will leave you feeling social. This is a weed that enjoys the sun and enjoys talking to people of all ages and sexes around it. This strain may cause you to have the symptoms of giggles, however, it will also produce hunger quite easily. Snacks seem wonderful and taste superior. Combined with its typicalTHC content of 25-27%, the effects of OG Kush are ideal for dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, or any form of headache or migraine. This strain of cannabis is wonderful for parties and promotes the brain’s activity to increase your spirits.



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This strain is most effective during the day or evening hours because of its slight stimulating and uplifting properties. Even if you’re alone, you can take advantage of theuphoria that it generates in various situations.

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