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Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain –Where to Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain. The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is among the most popular psychedelic fungi, highly sought by shroomers and growers alike. There are a lot of many things about the Golden Teacher shrooms which contribute to their popularity

Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain
Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain

Effects of Golden Teacher Mushroom

Golden Teacher Cubensis Mushrooms are great because they offer a mildly high psychedelic effect, making it a gateway shroom for magic mushroom newbies to explore the psychedelic world.

In addition, these Golden Teacher Mushrooms are famous for their spiritual effects and shamanistic properties rather than only tripping.

Some of the effects include:

  • Hallucinogenic effects such as enhanced colors, intense emotions, visual distortions, and giddiness or lightness
  • It got its rightful name Golden Teacher mushroom, for its amazing ability to offer wise teachings, and insightful and revelatory experiences.
  • These P. cubensis shrooms have a spiritual effect, incredibly euphoric and shamanistic properties where it helps change people’s outlook.
  • Profound impact on your emotions and gives moments of self-reflection
  • Adverse effects after recreational use of the psilocybin mushroom

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How to Consume the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom?

Just like many other magic mushroom strains, the Golden Teacher magic mushroom strain can also be consumed in various ways, and they include:

a). Chew and Swallow

This consumption method is one of the most popular ways of consuming Golden Teachers, where it is chewed thoroughly to allow all the juices to come out and then swallow it.

Golden Teacher mushrooms consumed in this way take about 20 to 45 minutes for their effects to kick in even though it depends on your stomach content, where the less you eat before consuming, the better the experience. For this method, it’s advisable to avoid consuming food for a few hours.

Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain
Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain

b). Like a Cup of Tea

Another way of enjoying these Golden Teachers is as a cup of tea, and this method of consuming these potent psychedelics has become a go-to, unlike eating the dried mushrooms as a whole.

This method has gained popularity because the taste of a psilocybin mushroom is not that pleasant. Some people have difficulty even swallowing because their gag reflexes kick in almost instinctively.

However, the tea is more pleasant for most people than chewing dried mushrooms, and it’s said to be easier on the stomach.

c). Magic mushroom capsules

This is another way of consuming these Psilocybin mushrooms, and one of its significant benefits is that it gives the option of micro-dosing. This allows a user the opportunity to have an incredible and immersive psychedelic journey and experience ultimate clarity without losing the whole day. In addition, you can make your own Golden teacher magic mushroom capsules using a grinder and empty capsules.

d). Psilocybin edibles

Consuming the Golden Teacher Mushroom in edible form and incorporating it into different foods is an excellent way of eliminating the awful taste and queasiness feeling that users may experience when chewing it.

Notably, to avoid an inferior tripping or psychedelic experience, don’t add the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom during the cooking stages. Instead, add them to toppings or sauces for the best psychedelic experience and journey after the cooking stages.

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