Gloves packed in pairs | Box 50 pieces $24.00

Gloves packed in pairs
Gloves packed in pairs, the gloves are powdered and sterile.
Contents: 50 pairs
Dispose after use

General description-Gloves packed in pairs

Soft elastic material feels cooler than natural rubber or latex and conforms to hand for greater comfort and dexterity.

100% nitrile non-latex glove
Excellent alternative to latex
Rolled cuff

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 Description-Gloves packed in pairs

Lightning X Products Black Nitrile Gloves – 25 packs of 2 pairs (50 pairs, 100 gloves) individually packaged in card stock boxes, slightly larger than a credit card. Fits easily and unnoticable in your pocket until you need them. Great for first aid kits, stop the bleed kits, first responders, law enforcement, nurses, mechanics, custodians and more. Gloves are all size Large.
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Article Description
Romed latex examination gloves, sterile per piece, size medium, prepowdered, per 50 pcs in an inner box, 6 x 50 pcs = 300 pcs in a carton

Romed latex examination gloves, sterile per piece, size medium

Quantity per carton

Number of cartons per pallet


Weight per carton
5,4 kgs

Cbm per carton

Disposable Nitrile Blue Gloves Powder Free & Latex Free
This 100 pack (50 pairs) of disposable gloves are suitable for use in the workplace to prevent cross-contamination. Due to their bright blue colour, they can be worn during food preparation without the fear of losing a piece in a meal.
Nitrile disposable gloves are a great low-cost glove for applications where gloves need to be constantly changed. Some of these applications include food preparation, vehicle inspection, police searches and medical processes.
These gloves are suitable for people who have latex allergies as they are latex-free. They are also powder-free to ensure the irritation of the skin is not inadvertently caused. They fit the hand well and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. A beaded cuff makes taking off and putting on these gloves easy.
We stock these gloves in two sizes, medium and large.
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