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How does it feel to you?

Georgia Pie strain is beautiful and muscular, but it isn’t the type of Pie that will push you down and keep you there. Instead, the power of Georgia Pie is more benevolent, you will receive treatment similar to a playful larger brother instead of a bully. While smoking this strain, you will feel tingly and have a bit of it, this will also make you feel warm and hazy.

Feeling elevated, hungry, happy, and excited, Georgia Pie users migrate to the strain in order to regain their appetite, eliminate their nausea, or address an unfortunate occurrence of insomnia. This strain’s effects have a fine line between energizing and sedating, which causes you to feel both as you rise and fall on a pleasant ride through Georgia’s Pie hybrid strain. Many users report having dry mouth and eyes, but the primary takeaway is the mental expansion of the sensation of happy calmness.

Georgia Pie strain Taste and aroma

The flavor of Georgia Pie strain is characterized by a rich, brightly flavored cherries addition to the mix, which provides a similar taste to warm dough. On the exhale, Pie will give you a taste of the earth and herbs as theuphoria develops. However, the live resin and rosin have a more sweet, juicier flavor, this is apparent when comparing the resinous peachy reputation to the live resin and rosin.

This strain is associated with a pleasant aroma that resembles the scent of fresh peach cobbler’s. However, some users describe the odor as similar to the scent of a peach pit – fruity, sweet and acidic, but more nutty and yeasty at its core. Those sharp, flavored peaches have a background role, the earthy, fluffy qualities take precedence.

How’s it appear?

When it’s in the early stages of development, Georgia Pie strain grows in small, spherical nugs that are similar to popcorn puffs and are speckled with sticky, snow-covered crystals that have a hint of lavender in their composition. The color of Georgia Pie’s buds is from green to winterbrown, with small amounts of amber that contribute to a darker tone.

Recommended Activities

Anything larger than small, measured hits of Georgia Pie strain will make anyone unfit for public appearances, including rookies and seasoned chimneys. Presided over by the afterwork sessions or the nights spent at home, this is a magical combination of stress reduction and pleasure. It will not immediately demoralize you, but if you are planted for the day, don’t smoke the Georgia Pie.

The effects are immediate at the entrance, melting the face and releasing the body. Low tolerances are easily faded away, but regular users will enjoy Georgia Pie’s stamina, which continues to be strong past two hours with limited groginess. Words and Wit are difficult to come by, however, and the comedown is absolute.

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