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Epithelantha Cactus
This cactus is potted in an 8cm “Sage” mini pot. It loves full sun to light shade. Allow to dry between waterings, and keep plant dry over winter. 5-6 hours of direct sunlight a day in order to bloom. Can handle colder temperatures. Grows up to 5cm tall
Beautiful, small, very symmetrical barrel cactus with short, white thorns that forms pink and white blossoms and bears longish, red fruits. It originates from Central America and is to be found wild-growing in the South of the US and northern Mexico
on calcareous soils. It tolerates sub-zero temperatures but no humidity.
Epithelantha Micromeris is used by shamans of the Tarahumara people. The fruits of the Hikuri Mulato are said to help athletes there as a doping substance.

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