Cheetos Puffs THC Chips (600mg) $22.00

Cheetos Puffs THC Chips (600mg)

Yes, that is right, Cheetos Puffs THC chips are now available! Cheetos THC bag of chips is a flavourful snack that will get you HIGH! Each bag of THC Chips contains 600mg of THC. Do not get caught up eating the whole bag. Dose according to your experience and limit yourself (we know it may be hard) to the proper dosage.

Cheetos Puffs – Infused Cannabis EdiblesCheesy Puffs 600mg - Weed Delivery Guelph

Medicated Cheetos Puffs edibles are bursting full of flavor like the original but with an extra cannabis kick! Wait for an hour or two after ingestion before increasing your dose. Novelty aside, these THC Chips really make for a dank edible that you will not easily find anywhere else. Shop these exclusive Cheetos Puffs THC chips online with Happy Tree Buds today!

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