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Blue Xanax Bars

What is Blue Xanax B707 Pill?

There is little difference between blue Xanax bars and other Xanax bars. The only distinction that exists is the dosage difference. A blue-colored Xanax tablet with “XANAX 1.0” inscribed on it can either be oblong-shaped or elliptical and is a 1mg dose of Xanax.

Like many pills, blue Xanax often appears with a number stamp on it. In the case of blue Xanax, it often looks like a blue pill shaped like a bar with “B707” stamped on it. This is a 2 mg dose of alprazolam.

Here’s what a blue B707 bar looks like:

Because of Xanax’s strength, a doctor prescribing Xanax to their patients will start with a smaller dose, like 0.25mg. Doctors often modify the initial dose based on their patient’s needs, which is why Xanax bars come in different strengths. There is frequently a restriction of 4mg daily, split into three or four dosages.

Once blue Xanax is taken as directed, the implications typically begin in just an hourly period as well as the blood levels rise within 1-2 hours. Xanax is very fast-acting, which is why it’s a popular prescription drug. When prescribed, blue Xanax is usually taken orally. However, when people abuse Xanax they often use a different method.

Many people taking blue Xanax recreationally crush the pill into a powder and then snort it. This absorbs the drug into the bloodstream considerably faster, frequently within seconds. Many other abused drugs react adversely with blue Xanax, including alcohol. Polydrug use, also known as “crossfading,” can be lethal when it involves blue Xanax and other benzos.

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