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Try Out The Most Potent Psilocybin Gummies on the Planet by Fung Factory Farms!!

Psilly psychedelic gummy, Without further adu, Psilly Magic Mushroom Gummies have hit the market and we are the first to get our hands on them. We have tried numerous amounts of psilocybin gummies and these are by far the best tasting and most potent. You can try one for a microdose or try multiple pieces according to their gauge and jump right into wonderland!  Each bag carries about 10 pieces and 4 grams. Each bag comes with a cool little Fung Factory Farms sticker. They state that these are the most potent gummies in the world and we do believe them after trying it. Lastly these gummies are also Vegan and perfectly healthy!

Psilly psychedelic gummy

How do you know the dosage of these psilocybin aka magic mushroom gummies?

We do warn you that these are very potent and despite the amazing taste you should stick to one for a micro dosing. It all depends on your tolerance and how advanced you are in taking magic mushrooms. We find that within 3-5 pieces you will be experiencing the same as you would be with taking 3.5 grams of organic magic mushrooms. You can go on an amazing journey with more. We do suggest taking these at your own risk.

What is psilocybin gummies used for?

The many uses of these gummies are for the most popular which is for micro dosing. Second, it is used to fight depression, PTSD and fighting addiction. There are many health benefits to psilocybin and recent studies have shown to back this up.

for hundreds of years, boosting energy clarity focus gut, gut and heart health antiaging, clarity focus gut and heart

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