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Blue Dream Seeds

SEX Feminized
FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod, Autoflower
PACK SIZE 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds
PLANT TYPE Mostly Sativa
PLANT YIELD 400 – 600 grams per plant
FLOWERING TIME 60 – 70 days
GROW ENVIRONMENT Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
FLAVOR AND AROMA Berry, Blueberry, Earthy, Sweet, Tropical, Vanilla
EFFECTS Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Sedative, Uplifted
MEDICINAL BENEFITS Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Blue Dream (or AKA Azure Haze, depending on who you speak to), is a hybrid that is primarily composed of sativa, and has attained a notable reputation among the West Coast’s strains. Don’t let the name fool you into believing this is a floozy, bed-ridden type of high. This one is responsible for you and should you devote all of your artistic endeavors, or if you simply enjoy the mood, enjoy as your concerns melt away.

Blue Dream Genetics

Combining the indica breed of Blueberry with the sativa breed of Haze, the Blue Dream averts total body relaxation while still providing mild stimulation. Some Blue Dream variants have a more similar appearance and feel to the indica variety, but the sativa-oriented variety is still most popular.

Blue Dream Seeds History

It initially garnered attention in the medical community, but nobody knew who created it. Many individuals believe it was originally located in Santa Cruz, California. Ultimately, the strain was recognized by legendary breeder DJ Short, who then dedicated himself to providing us with the present-day version.

Blue Dream Seeds Flavor and aroma

The pleasant smells of blueberry and sugar are retained in the air and on your tongue after the smoke has passed. Blue Dream is a powerful and fulfilling strain that produces remarkable flavor and a zyklus of cerebral excitement.

Blue Dream Seeds Appearance

The nugs are long and dense, with a deep blue color and an abundance of white hair, these traits are typically accompanied by a lack of black or brownish color. When the conditions are right, her fan will produce a pleasant shade of dark purple that will end on the tip of her tongue. This typically occurs outside, the temperatures will start to decrease during the fall.


The concentration of THC is at a respectable level of 22%, with low concentrations of CBD and CBN below 1%. This is a stellar medicinal strain that has multiple uses.

Blue Dream Efects

Novices and veterans alike appreciate the medicinal benefits of the Blue Dream strain of marijuana. The first part of Blue Dream’s high is a cerebral surge that takes you to a peaceful euphoria. Enjoy this endeavor regardless of the hectic schedule, as it promotes motivation and increased focus. As the tall people you become increasingly relaxed, which leaves you with a sense of confusion and total calm.

This tingling sensation will have you pain-free and prepared for any endeavor. Users describe the Blue Dream as having a immediate sensation of a lifting head high. It inspires you to be inspired and focused with a rapid and powerful wave of creative energy. This is accompanied by a pleasant sensation of relaxation that leaves you warm, tingling, and completely free of pain.

Medicinal Advantages

With a pleasant berry scent that is reminiscent of its Blueberry counterpart, Blue Dream exhibits rapid symptomatic relief without having a heavy effect on the sedative. This causes Blue Dream to be a popular medication for patients that want to treat pain, depression, nausea, and other diseases that have a high concentration of THC.

The multitude of beneficial Blue Dream effects is incalculable. Users who have anxiety disorders should not utilize this strain, as it typically has a quick propensity to lead you, and it could pre-emptive agitate conditions that already exist. However, because it is so potent, it has a number of beneficial effects for patients that suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, and a lack of interest.

It’s essentially a high energy supplement, it will increase your spirits and promote movement in the body. It’s also beneficial for patients with mild cases of muscle pain and spasms caused by injury or disease. Blue Dream is said to be beneficial for patients that have conditions like chronic stress, chronic pain, injury or illness, depression, or sleep issues, including insomnia.

Increasing the number of Blue Dream Marijuana plants.

Blue Dream Seeds instill a breeze in the plant and will make the new or amateur grower happy. The system’s flowering period is approximately 10 weeks for interior setups or late September to early October for exterior setups. The harvest is large for Blue Dream seeds that have around 21 ounces of cannabis per plant. To maintain this happy gal’s interior, you will need to start early as this species can reach heights of up to five feet. Purchase some Blue Dream seeds today and explore this incredible strain on your own.

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Feminized, Regular

Pack Size

10 Seed, 15 Seed, 25 Seed, 50 Seed

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