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Ariocarpus Cactus
Ariocarpus Cactus  Plants of the genus Ariocarpus are generally solitary except for some grafting. The nipples are more or less elongated, with very characteristic shapes. Plants remain at ground level in habitat , but some species sometimes have a columnar tendency with age in cultivation . The size varies according to the species from 5 to 25 cm in diameter. The diurnal flowers appear in autumn. Presence of a strong napiform root .
Ariocarpus is a small genus of succulent, subtropical plants of the family Cactaceae. The name comes from the ancient Greek “aria” and “carpos” because of the resemblance of the fruit of the two genus in acorn form.
Ariocarpus species are very slow-growing. Plants have thick tuberous tap-roots, and are solitary or form small clusters of stems. The stems have tubercules (as is normal in cacti), but unusually these are triangular and in some species may resemble leaves. The areoles, when present, vary in appearance from grooves on the upper surface to round pads near the tips. Spines are only present in seedlings (except occasionally in Ariocarpus agavoides). The funnel-shaped flowers are borne on a woolly structure at the apex. They vary in colour, from white or yellow to pink, purple or magenta. The seeds are black and pear-shaped.The plant contains bitter and toxic alkaloids such as hordenine. These protect the plant against consumption by herbivores.[citation needed] Ariocarpus Cactus

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