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Buy Amphetamine Speed Paste online at hallucinogens distro. Speed paste is a name generally given to d,l-amphetamine sulfate, or d-amphetamine sulfate although in some areas it can be d,l-methamphetamine (sulfate or hcl), generally it is a paste because things like glucose and water are added to it as a cutting agent, as it still dissolves in water, but isn’t generally “smokeable” like your classic methamphetamine hcl would be..

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Drugs agencies are increasingly concerned by the growing popularity of the stimulant. Known by the street name of “paste”, it is up to 20 times stronger than other forms of amphetamines. The grey-coloured sludge, which smells of solvents, is being produced from industrial chemicals in crude laboratories in kitchens and garden sheds.

Doctors fear that the availability of paste will lead to large numbers of “recreational” amphetamine users developing addictions with major physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Because the paste is so strong, users quickly build up a level of resistance which means they must take it on a staggeringly frequent basis. Heavy amphetamine users told The Independent on Sunday that they had injected the drug up to 16 times a day.

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