About One Up Mushroom Bar

one up mushroom bar

One Up Mushroom Bar

one up mushroom bars are psilocybin products whose analysis depends on the amount shrooms used to create the infused edible. Researchers and other Experts says these one up psilocybin mushroom chocolate bars tastes like gummies. This psilocybe chocolate is a mixture of magic mushrooms and chocolate and has a unique taste from the other one up mushrooms bars.

one up mushroom bar for sale

one up mushroom bars is a new way of micro dosing. The availability of this product has made it possible for mushroom lovers to enjoy magic mushrooms without experiencing any gritty taste as it was the case with comsuming psilocybin mushrooms. Furthermore, one up mushroom bar weighs 3.5g for a pack. The price of this shroom chocolate ranges from $30 to $50. However, the prices depend on the retailer.. one up mushroom bar

One Up Mushroom Bars Packaging

mushroom chocolate bar 3.5g has no exceptional bundle. The chocolate mushroom is bundled inside a vivid aluminum foil paper. Furthermore, the one-up logo is intensely composed on the focal point of the bundle. The bundling is not quite the same as other chocolate mushroom items. What’s more, one up bar is one of the most popular type of microdosing now. order from Top Grade Shrooms

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